Self-Guided Walk: Go to 5 Points in Long Island CIty and Ask 5 Questions about Hyper-development

Welcome to LIC (Long Island City), Queens, NYC, which currently has the highest rate of construction in the entire U.S.A. Most of the developments are market rate (a.k.a. luxury) housing, beyond the means of most people, in a city where we desperately need truly affordable housing. And small businesses and artists need affordable commercial space.

This self-guided walk is a tribute to the former graffiti mecca 5pointz –gone but not forgotten – and all artists and community residents displaced by profit-driven real estate development in LIC, NYC, and beyond.

Self-Guided Walk Instructions

·   Look around LIC and think about real estate development as you are walking.

·   Make five stops along the way and ask a question related to real estate development at each place. You can ask your own or use questions others have asked (see below.)

·   Text your question and an image of each point and the question you asked there to (347) 625-7835. Or post on Instagram or facebook with #5ptzwalk and#priscillastudio . 

·   If not possible to text or post, just meditate on your question at each of your five points.

·   Estimated walk time: 15 minutes to as long as you like

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