Guest Artist at Fitzgerald Art

Works from my Rooted and GROWTH series will be featured at Karen Fitzgerald's Open Studio event on Friday Aug. 6 (12-8:30pm) & Saturday Aug. 7 (11am-8:30pm).

3151 12th Street, Long Island City, NYC (near Socrates Sculpture Park and the Noguchi Museum.

My process of visual intuitive research continues to expand. It is leading me into new forms that resonate with energy exchanges found in nature, mostly underground, such as among tree roots and fungal networks.

The results are new works from the Rooted and GROWTH series, which will be on display and available at a range of price points. Hope you can stop by!

Rooted 47, drawing and spraypaint on scratchboard, 2020

Rooted 46, drawing and spraypaint on scratchboard, 2020

Rooted 11, drawing on scratchboard, 2020

Rooted 9, drawing on scratchboard, 2020

Spliced Connector on

Happy to announce that I’m a new member of the Spliced Connector artist collaborative on! These 4 pieces from the Rooted series included in Spliced Connector’s “All is Fair” show are now available there - or via priscillastudio.

From fellow Spliced Connector artist Dudley Zopp: “Spliced Connector openly advocates for unexpected collaborations, intergenerational connection and vibrant art making. Spliced Connector believes in community….We believe that sharing information, opportunities, knowledge, and resources is an important part of being an artist. We are committed to the success of each person as well as our community.” 

Thinking about collaborations among humans and also among trees roots and fungi.

Check out the “All is Fair” exhibition statement by curator/artist Karen Fitzgerald.

Sign up for my mailing list for the latest news about events like Spliced Connector’s Fair Share Art Auction, where half the purchase price goes to a grassroots organization supporting social and economic justice.

Video: The PoeTREE/A Tree I Love (10:54)

Featured  at Hammond Museum's March Exhibition! Online Opening March 6, 10am (USA eastern time)

Created with excerpts from contributions of stories, images and video exploring and celebrating The PoeTREE/A Tree I Love project participants' stories.

Jam Journal Launch

RSVP here! On Sunday November 15 at 7 pm, join us for the launch of the first issue of the Queens, NYC-based literary platform Jam Journal! Jam Journal is a space for experimental and innovative writing and text-based art from local artists. The first issue of the journal features works from Rowana Abbensetts, Damali Abrams, Keisha-Gaye Anderson, Art & Com, Jacqueline Carr, Emerald Carter, Marie Hinson, Olena Jennings, Patricia John, Robbin Johnson, David Lawton, Bob McNeil, Angela Miskis, Omar Ovalle, Sandra Proto, and Priscilla Stadler.

No raindate necessary! The PoeTREE: A Tree I Love will be featured in Shared Dialogue, Shared Space with projects by Rejin Leys, Jamerry Kim, Cody Herrmann, and Young Sun Han. The SDSS project aims to expand the connection of Asian immigrant communities with contemporary art practices.

The PoeTREE/A Tree I Love will be featured live from 12:30 - 1:00 pm and in the artists' talk from 3:00 - 4:30. Stop by to see all of these great projects! More details at the Shared Dialogue project page. All events will be interpreted in Korean and Mandarin.

ORD [The Oracle of Real-Estate Development] Appears at 2019 Art in Odd Places: INVISIBLE

On October 19th, from 10 am - 1 pm, on 14th Street and Union Square East in NYC, ORD will appear and invite all questions related to real estate, finding a place to live, development, construction, gentrification, etc.

The Oracle welcomes you to consult with one of our trained ORD Mediums to see whether they can answer your question.

We'll also perform a reading with some of the day's questions and answers as an impromptu "Oracle Poem" at 12:45 pm.
ORD is appearing as part of the 2019 Art in Odd Places Festival: INVISIBLE curated by Lulu Lolo.

My newly-minted AOC dollar <people-powered through and through> for the Art is Money-Money is Art show at Julia Justo's East Village Art View pays tribute to a very inspiring woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, my Congressperson.

The East Village Art View is pleased to announce the upcoming show, Art is Money - Money is Art. Edoardo Marcenaro curated anexhibition of artworks made on actual $1 bills.

This exhibition includes works by Banksy, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Obey, andmore than 100 local artists.

Artists show how fluid the nature of money is, as its very transformationdemonstrates a change in its value when rebuilt as art.

Artists do so as a method to ironize, undermine, sabotage and subvert the powerof money.

Though these re-designed banknotes are mischievous in nature, many pieces offerdistinctive and provocative social criticisms.

This unique exhibition explores concepts of wealth, power, equity, justice andcreativity.

Location: 111 3rd Avenue, #15 H, New York, NY 10003
On view: April 26 - May 11, 2019
Hours: Thursdays and Fridays by appointment
For more info: / (917) 859-9026

ORD [The Oracle of Real-estate Development] Appears Outside NY Art Book Fair 2018

Sunday September 23, 2 - 4:15 pm
Outside the NY Art Book Fair at PS1 MoMA
225 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Ever wonder why the local landscape is dominated by construction sites? Whether you can afford a new place if you need to move? What ULURP means and why you should care?

Come ask the Oracle any question you have about real estate, affordability, development, residential and commercial property, displacement, gentrification, and NYC's construction-dominated landscape!

Together we'll compile questions asked with the Oracle's answers to make a collective oracle poem at 4pm. This is a drop-in event - come for part or all!-)

You can also take a self-guided walk/tribute to 5Pointz, the former graffiti mecca of the world, now a construction site for luxury apartments, like much of Long Island City. Instructions and map available.

cART Festival

Saturday September 1, 12 - 6 pm
King Manor Museum at Rufus King Park
153rd and Jamaica Ave, Jamaica NY

A day of participatory art projects in Southeast Queens! Learn about trees' underground communication network - the wood wide web - and make some PoeTREE on our cart! Try paper-making with the Pulpmobile, or mix your own blend of herbal healing tea to share.

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

New Fragile City work will be included in this group show!

An Art Exhibition for the New Cigar Factory LIC
Welcome Party: Thursday, June 21, 5 - 9pm
Viewing Hours:
Thursday, July 12th: 3-7pm
Closing Party: Thursday, July 19th, 5 - 9pm

Independent Curators, Krista Scenna, of Brooklyn's Ground Floor Gallery and Carolina Peñafiel, of Local Project in Queens, are thrilled to welcome the historic Cigar Factory back to Long Island City with a new generation of makers: New York City’s talented emerging artists!
More info on fb invite

There is a sign saying DON'T TOUCH ME

a participatory performance walk of LIC's Landscapes as part of the Flux Factory's Wilder LIC Group Exhibition led by Urban Wild Plants & Andrea Haenggi with guest artist Priscilla Stadler

Sunday, June 3rd, 4:30 - 5:30 pm

Limited to 15 participants

RSVP by Sat. June 2 to 

Meet at Windmill Community Garden, 39-22 29th Street, Long Island City

After the walk, the participants will be able to enjoy EX-ER-TION, an audio performance by Richard Garet, plus food provided by Flux Iron Chefs at the Windmill Community Garden. Wilder LIC Group Exhibition is curated by Lorissa Rinehart and Nat Roe.

ORD [The Oracle of Real-estate Development] WILL APPEAR IN L.I.C.
Saturday May 19, 3:00 - 6:00 pm

ORD is a new mobile participatory project that will appear in Long Island City, Queens, NYC, on 46th avenue (between Vernon Blvd & 5th st) and on Vernon Boulevard (between 46th Ave and 44th Drive). Somewhere around there - just ask any psychic.

Long Island City is the most rapidly-developing neighborhood in the United States. ORD answers your questions on real estate topics including zoning, rents, studio space, displacement, infrastucture, speculation, property values, etc.

Our questions and ORD's answers will form a collective poem to be read at 5:45 pm in the vicinity of 4-40 44th Drive (the Anable Basin Event Space).

This project is part of the LIC Arts Open.

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