What's Up with L.I.C.?

[creative responses to hyper-development]

On September 23, two groups of around 15 -20 people walked through Long Island City, Queens, NYC, encountering artists, activists & storytellers along the way.

Why LIC?
LIC is at the crossroads of three imminent development threats:

1.    LIC is one of 15 neighborhoods that Mayor de Blasio has slated for a rezoning to encourage even more high-rise, luxury office space and housing developments. The Department of City Planning is currently conducting community engagement meetings for the Long Island City Core Rezoning with the goal to pass the rezoning as soon as possible.

2.    The Sunnyside Yards is a publicly-owned site that Mayor deBlasio plans to develop into a neighborhood of mostly market-rate, luxury housing in LIC.

3.    Finally, LIC is on the planned route for the Brooklyn Queens Connector (BQX)—a private trolley that would run from Astoria, Queens to Sunset Park,Brooklyn—raising property values along the entire route.  We need these funds for better public transportation.

Collectively,this TRIPLE THREAT will catalyze luxury development and raise property values, ultimately pushing out small businesses and working class and poor communities from their homes and shops.

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