ORD [The Oracle of Real-estate Development]

Long Island City (LIC), Queens, NYC is the most rapidly-developing neighborhood in the United States.

Ever wonder why Long Island City has so much real estate development? What happened with Amazon's plan to move in? Or whatever happened to the former 5Pointz, the world’s graffiti mecca? Maybe you want to know why rents are so damn high? Or why you should care what ULURP means? Ask the Oracle!

ORD [The Oracle of Real Estate Development] has answers.

ORD is a mobile participatory project.

Ask ORD your questions on real estate topics including zoning, affordable rents (ha!), studio space, displacement, infrastucture, speculation, property values, etc.

Photo: Katya Khan



street participation (performance?)

q & a poem

collaborative spontaneous performance of poem

artifacts (poems)

ORD Appearances

Flux Factory's Self Storage
Long Island City Arts Open
NY Art Book Fair

Some Questions People Have Asked ORD

Are all the industrial buildings going to disappear?

Is gentrification inevitable?

Why are developers so greedy?

What should we do with “undeveloped” space if not sell it off?

Why is affordable housing not affordable?

Where can I go to find a room for maybe $800?

When will rents in NYC begin to go down?

What would really benefit this area’s residents & citizens?

When 5Pointz was whitewashed, where did all the colors, words and characters in the artwork migrate to?

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